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Property Rescue Services


In addition to building new construction we offer another aspect of our company in the form of Property Rescue Services LLC

Our Mission Statement –
It is our mission to be a solution for all types of people and their housing situation. We promise to listen to their specific needs, and if possible, offer what help we can to fulfill their goal. We do not move forward unless it is a win-win for all parties. Property Rescue Service LLC does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race or religion.

Who Do We Buy From?

  • Clients/people transferred and need to sell their home fast.

  • Clients/people behind in payments, wanting to sell in order to avoid foreclosure and negative credit.

  • Clients/people that do not have money to fix repairs and want to sell their home as is.

  • Wholesalers and individuals – Anyone who needs cash for their home, quickly and often in less than 10 days.

Who Do We Sell To?

  • Clients/people that have bad credit.

  • Clients/people that have good credit, but not enough down payment for a conventional bank loan.

  • Anyone who wants the American Dream – To Own Their Own Home

The Services
Property Rescue Service offers comprehensive real estate, buying and selling services to our diverse clients. We will offer a full range of services to facilitate the purchasing and selling of real estate including the following:
• Buying a house for a reasonable price
• Will do all repairs
• Work with you on the timing of your move
• Help get people with bad credit into a house
• Help get credit repaired
• Handle all paperwork
• Help find a house
• Help save a house in foreclosure

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